Desktop vs. Mobile is Over – And Mobile Won!

Stop me if you’ve heard this one before. You’re talking to a salesperson, and they are talking a good game. The product sounds great. It sounds just like what you’re looking for, in fact! You get handed a business card, and you decide to pull out your phone and take a look at their company online.

Nothing on their page lines up. The pictures are huge and the text is squished together. Information is hard to find, and even worse, hard to read once you have found it.

The worst part is that their website probably looks fantastic if you take the time to sit down at a computer and look at it. Five years ago, mobile traffic accounted for a little over 13% of web traffic, so this was probably ok. In 2018, though, mobile traffic is up to 53% of all web traffic, and that number is getting larger every day. At this point, if your website isn’t mobile-friendly, Google essentially considers it dead.

If your website looks great on a computer, but maybe not so much on your phone, you need to talk to Get Found. It’s a big problem that your site doesn’t look good on a phone, and it’s going to be a bigger problem every day.

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