How our technical on-page SEO took an environmental certification company from 1 call a week to 40 calls a month

We took on a client in the environmental industry. They offer classes and certification for the workers who are exposed to and work with environmental hazards like asbestos, lead, mold, and radon. They also perform those tests for consumers who need them.

When we took on this client their SEO wasn’t too bad. In fact, they were appearing on the first page for most of their keywords. But the phone wasn’t ringing.

With search engine optimization there are 3 goals:

  1. Show up in search at all
  2. Look so interesting when you do show up that people click on your website
  3. People who visit your website call or request a call

Well, they were already showing up in search and people were already visiting them when they saw them there. We decided to focus on making their website a lot easier to use for the people who were already finding it.

We looked at their analytics and saw that nobody was using the links in the sidebars, and nobody was using the call requests in the menus and footers.

They already had good information about environmental testing, but there was no call to action within the text.

They were relying on their headers and footers and contact page. Unfortunately, visitors are trained to ignore the header and footer. It’s not totally invisible, but it doesn’t get much attention. And requiring a visitor to click off of the page they’re already on to go visit another page to fill out contact form wasn’t the obvious next step, so nobody was doing it.

Their goal was to get phone calls or message requests, but they didn’t provide their phone number, they didn’t have a form to fill out, and they never asked a visitor to do anything on their service pages.

environmental on page overhaul before & after
The asbestos testing service page before and after we updated it to focus on converting visitors.


We decided to make each service page a lot easier to use.

As you can see we added a huge header image and some information about who should be reaching out. We told visitors to call, we added a big button they could click on their phones to call, and we added a form they could use to request an asbestos test.

What’s so interesting about this case study is that the number of visitors they received didn’t change at all and stayed consistent at about 350-400 a month:

visitors to the website remained consistent at around 350 to 400 a month

But the number of people actually calling and filling out the form skyrocketed:

Calls to the website grew from 5 to 10 a month to 40 a month

Which is just a testament to how important it is to focus on a really strong on-page experience for website visitors. By making it easy to call or fill out a message and telling people what to do, they were able to start getting 40 calls a month and they didn’t even start getting more traffic.

Do you want your business to start getting more calls from the same number of visitors? Request a technical SEO overhaul!

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