Get found in search with seo

No other online advertising is as powerful as showing up as the #1 recommended result when potential customers are actively searching to buy your products and services.

here's how seo works to get you customers

Show Up In Search

When customers are ready to buy they go search for it. Your business is listed as a recommendation when your products and services are relevant to the searcher.

Get new interested visitors

When people find you in search, your headline and description clearly tell them what you have to offer and they click through to visit your website.

Convert traffic to sales

Your website is easy to use and clearly tells people what steps to take to work with you. The visitor follows those steps to become your newest customer!

SEO Strategy from the ground up

Your website looks awesome. I bet if a customer found your website they’d love it.

But no customer is ever gonna find your website in search unless the search robots think your site looks awesome, too.

How your customer sees your website:

Screenshot of the Get Found homepage

How the search bots that decide if you show up in search sees websites:

screenshot of website source code

You have to satisfy the search robots first.

Sure, it’s the customers who buy from you, but the search robot decides if the customer ever gets to see you in the first place.

Most businesses don’t look as great to search engine robots because they don’t know what they’re looking for.

There are ways to add code to your website that specify exactly how you want to show up in search. It’s called Technical SEO.

Start with technical SEO to "translate" your website for the search robots.

Technical seo includes

Without technical SEO the search engine won’t understand your website very well.

That means they’re more likely to recommend your competitors instead of you when someone is trying to find where to buy your services.

Without the solid foundation of technical SEO, other types of SEO don’t work!

No amount of content creation or backlink building will get you to the top of search if the robots don’t understand what your website sells or who you sell to.

Still have questions?
we have answers

Backlinks don’t work without technical SEO.

They might but if they do it will be temporary.

If you build your house on sand it won’t last when the tides come in.

Meaning if you don’t make sure your website is set up the way the search engine robots want, then as soon as the algorithm gets updated you can (and probably will) lose your rankings completely.

We don’t limit keywords. We’ll optimize your website for 1 topic per page.

Topics usually have anywhere from 3 to 100 potential keywords. It really depends on your industry.

An example of a topic might be residential roofer. We’ll cover keywords like roof repair, roof replacement, roofing contractor, local roofer, and so on.

I can say that we cover each topic fully and comprehensively to make sure that no matter how customers are searching, they’ll find your site. And when they do, all the information they need is readily available.

We calculate the price per page. However, most companies have more pages than they need.

We typically include the homepage and each unique service pages.

About pages, contact us pages, testimonial pages, and portfolio pages, don’t “count” as pages.

Blogs and e-commerce products are at a reduced per-page rate.

seo reviews from our past clients

James Korth and company are just brilliant. My website for years was hovering at page 50+. I hired Get Found to work their magic and with 3 weeks had moved to page 2. In an industry with and incredible amount of competition for page one this amazing results.
James Waggoner
Working with Kat at Get Found has helped us refine our website to reflect the services we offer. With her help, we are now being found on the internet!
Julie Consalvos
Amazing. Kat is 100 % . Web page is on point and couldn't be more happy. This place is hands down the best there is
Josef Brandsness
I'm just getting started with my site at the moment, but Get Found provided me with a rock solid foundation for my SEO. Karin took me through a detailed audit with laser focused accuracy and tons of well researched ideas for me to grow my traffic and get results quickly.
Duncan Trevithick

Off-Page SEO helps your business stay at the top

Once the search engine robots know who your business helps and how & when to display your site in search, it’s time for off-page SEO.

Search engines decide which businesses to show in their results based on how useful and popular their website is. One way they decide that is the number of different websites that link to yours.

We’ll find high quality websites willing to link to you that pass our strict 23 point quality control checklist! Some of the things we require are:

  • Humans actually use the site that links to you
  • The sites are genuinely relevant to your business
  • The sites are active and not abandoned
  • Search engines know the link exists
  • Absolutely 100% ZERO spam
  • None of the websites are part of our blacklist

And with all of the new content your business offers, you’ll be able to start showing up for a lot more keywords!

show up on page one at spot one and stay there for hundreds of keywords!

Off-Page seo includes

We’ll already have optimized all your core pages for keywords customers use when they’re ready to buy. But there are so many more out there.

Ongoing SEO allows your business to show up for more than just the standard “industry near me” keywords.

It unlocks hundreds of other keywords – like questions customers search for when they’re getting ready to buy.

And it positions your business front and center as the authority, so once those questions are answered they can take the next steps: buy from you!

common off-page seo questions

We’ll get 5 to 90 links a month – it depends on your business! There’s a lot to consider when getting backlinks (that’s why we have a 23-point quality control checklist!)

If your website doesn’t already have backlinks, we’re not going to start at 90 a month. We want to get links to your website at a natural pace.

And not every industry needs a lot of backlinks… highly competitive real estate websites need a lot more than local mechanics.

Don’t worry, we won’t keep it a surprise. We’re totally transparent and will tell you up front how many links we’ll be building for your particular project.

Yes, we’ll continue to update and optimize your Google My Business (GMB) listing so you can show up in maps and in organic search results.

We’ll post to your GMB profile weekly. Any photos you send us during the week will be uploaded to your GMB profile as well.

Prices are based on how competitive your market is. Our prices vary because each industry and market is different.

The cost is determined by how much content we’ll need to write and how many links you’ll need to get placed on the first page.

You’ll see improvements in a minimum of 3 months.

But if you really want your business to show up you should be prepared to commit to at least one year.

seo pricing

Technical SEO


per page

Off-Page SEO


Per month

Technical Maintenance


Per month

Don’t know where to start?

Start with technical SEO so search engines understand your website and displays your business attractively.

Then get ongoing SEO so your website outshines your competition and shows up ahead of the other guys.

And get technical maintenance when you’re dominating the search results and want to stay at the top.

ready for your business to show up in search?

Answer the questions below & lets talk about getting your website on page 1!

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