Get Found is the SEO company you’ve been searching for.

Get Found can provide a valuable stream of consistent leads through search engine marketing. By implementing techniques to boost your website to the top of the organic search results, you’ll start to see a steady stream of traffic that begins to grow exponentially. We work closely with our clients towards a clear goal and observable objectives.

We completely manage your SEO services and take the worry away from you. We remain up-to-date with the latest industry practices and standards, as well as search algorithm changes and the effect on search traffic data. Our expert strategies adapt with the market to keep your company at the top of the results.

Put Me in the Search Results!

Custom SEO Strategy

Every business is unique; and their marketing strategy is, too. We adapt proven methods to suit your specific situation.

  • Code website for structural compatibility
  • Monitor search data and visitor analytics
  • Target search terms with high conversion intent
  • Implement strategy based on competitive analysis

Monthly Status Report

We work closely with you to understand your goals and desired outcomes so we can outline a clear strategy for results.

  • Detailed reporting of key performance indicators
  • Daily analysis of user metrics and relevant data to isolate high performance campaigns
  • Monthly assessment of progress and evaluation of strategy

Market Research

The fundamentals of sales starts with understanding what people need. We learn what your search traffic wants so we can position your solutions in front of them.

  • Provide relevant search terms to create engaged connections
  • Target search terms with high monthly search volume
  • Optimize strategy based on competitive landscape
  • Utilize keywords with clear intent for conversion

Public Relations

We attract high quality links to your business from relevant sources within your industry to drive traffic and improve your search position.

  • Build brand awareness through community outreach
  • Generate quality referrals from diverse sources
  • Optimize local modifiers to attract local clientele
  • Exponential expansion of organic link network

Account Manager

Your time is important to us. We’re available whenever you have a question or otherwise need our assistance by phone, email, or face to face at our office.

  • 48 hour guaranteed response time to all support tickets
  • Designated personal search expert assigned to your project
  • Monthly scheduled meeting to touch base and discuss progress

Flexible Contracts

Your business doesn’t have to be tied down to a long-term contract loaded with penalties. You have the freedom to utilize our services as you need them.

  • No minimum term commitments required
  • No penalties for monthly rolling contracts
  • Discounts available for long-term and/or bundled services
  • Consistent results to earn your business long term

Get Found is just brilliant. My website for years was hovering at page 50+. I hired Get Found to work their magic and with 3 weeks had moved to page 2. In an industry with and incredible amount of competition for page one this amazing results.

– James Waggoner

If you’re looking to get more exposure online, I highly recommend Get Found. The results I’ve seen as a client have been outstanding! Easy to work with, knowledgeable and cost-friendly, Get Found is definitely the way to get found.

– Michelle Price

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Our 40-point comprehensive audit is designed to boost your business to the top of the search results.

Domain Analysis

We are able to establish a reasonable timeline of implementation based on domain details. The length of time a domain has been registered, the length of the URL, and even how pronounceable the domain is all play a role in how well a site will rank in Google. A well-established domain with a short, pronounceable URL structure will typically see results sooner and easier.

Geo targeting allows us to deliver tailored content to a geographical area. This can range from promoting events only to people close enough to attend all the way to sending foreign language speakers to pages translated into their native language.

Website URLs are like a street name and address. In reality website addresses are more complicated than that: they are actually latitude and longitude coordinates. Domain Name Servers, or DNS for short, translate the street name and address into the coordinates required to display a website. A glue record is there to ensure this translation happens efficiently and with a backup plan, so there is little to no website down time.

A Content Management System, or CMS for short, is how all content is grouped and formatted on each website. Wordpress is a popular example of a CMS that groups content by blog posts, pages, categories, and with tags. Even websites without a formal CMS can group and display content in a way that is accessible by search engines.

A Content Delivery Network, or CDN for short, is a series of servers that distribute and display content to users of the web, similar to a cell phone tower providing data to a limited area. Many business owners take advantage of CDNs as close to their target market as possible to optimize site load speed and the time users spend on site.

Suffering penalties or negative rankings from bad SEO doesn’t have to last forever. We are able to proactively fix any problems and preemptively prevent future penalties due to unethical techniques and/or targeted spam attacks.

General Onsite Analysis

The title and meta data are what display in the search results when someone searches for a keyword. It is important that all titles and descriptions are unique to each page, that every page has a call to action, and that the length of all titles and descriptions fit display guidelines.

Keyword prominence can be determined by inclusion and proximity to title tags, heading tags, description tags, and the total number of keyword uses. The most important keyword for each page should always take prominence and be as close to the listed elements as possible.

Adding alt text to images allows websites to start ranking for image search traffic in addition to text keyword terms. We verify which images have alt tags and what alt tags are currently in use so each website can optimize their image search visibility.

Duplicate content happens when you publish the same content over and over, or content on one website shows up on another. This causes issues with search engines not knowing which web page to include, whether or not to direct links or authority, and which version to display in search results. All of the content on a website should be unique and original.

Thin content is bad for search rankings. Thin content can be short content that doesn’t address the needs of visitors, or content that has been stuffed full of keywords and written for a search engine program instead of the end user. We will identify all areas where content needs to be added or improved.

Businesses should rank and be referred to by a diverse range of phrases and keywords. Relying on one high traffic keyword will lead to fewer conversions than diversifying relevant search phrases.

Specific, shorter URL structures are easier to rank in the search engines and attract more social shares. URL structure can also be organized to track specific and measurable user conversions.

The faster a website loads the better it will rank in the search results. We will optimize each web page with image compression, script minimization, and other speed factors. We strive to get every page with a 2 second load time or less.

Google officially ranks websites first based on how mobile optimized they are. More than 50% of web traffic comes from users on a mobile device. If your website is not currently accessible on a cell phone it is costing your business higher rankings.

Technical On Page Analysis

Page titles can play a crucial role in ranking for desired keywords. Grouping content in a certain way with specific name conventions can help drive targeted business goals and organize business structures for key pages.

We can help analyze and optimize your internal site structure. We will verify how many links users have to follow to complete goals, how page navigation is structured and made available, and the drop off points on the user path visitors typically follow.

Canonical elements are bits of code placed on your website that tell search engine robots which pages are which. Long lists of posts with a page 2, pages that use different sorting options such as ecommerce products, and any page with multiple ways of accessing it all need a canonical element to reduce duplicate content issues.

Following user data can provide great insights to business owners. Knowing which users are visiting for the first time and knowing which ones return time and again allow you to optimize your website for your most loyal customers, and train new visitors to follow the same path.

Before search engines or other bots visit your website, they go to the robots.txt file to see if they have permission to crawl or track the website. We can optimize your robots.txt file to allow search engines and block unethical spam bots.

URL Rewriting is changing the structure of pages to be more search and user friendly. When rewriting happens redirects must be put in place and links must be updated. If a rewrite is recommended or has already happened, we will verify and fix any broken links.

Our comprehensive audit verifies that all page status codes are coming back positive and loading without errors. We will verify that any redirects are setup to optimize your search rankings for the most up-to-date pages.

We will search for incorrect redirect 302 codes, all broken 404 codes, and server error 500 codes. Each of these error codes causes problems on your website and lower your search rankings. We will locate and correct these errors.

Major search engines provide a way for businesses to claim and verify their website. By doing this businesses can submit their sitemaps for easy indexing. A sitemap is a table of contents with guidelines about which pages to rank, like your sales pages, and which pages not to show in the search results, like the private admin login section.

Structured data allows Google and other major search engines to understand the content of each page. As an added bonus it can help key pages show up more prominently in the search results and net a higher share of search traffic.

Security is paramount online. Search engines are now requiring that all websites have secured data protection on their domain. Websites protect data using a Secure Socket Layer (SSL) certificate. This tells users that you have taken steps to make sure that hackers can’t access their browsing information. Upgrading to HTTPS is required even if your website doesn’t process protected user data.

Link Profile

Keyword cannibalization occurs when websites use the same keyword across multiple pages. Each page should have a specific target in mind. Your website is a tool for selling your products or services, so each keyword should be segmented based on which section of the buying process the page is designed for. Each page should have keywords matched that contain relevancy, high search volume, low competition, and intent that matches their destination.

Using the exact same anchor text to link to your website can cause negative rankings due to a factor called over optimization. We will check on the diversity of your backlink profile and recommend changes based on the quality and volume.

Search Engine Visibility

We will verify that major search engines are displaying your website in their listings. If they are not we will submit your website to be indexed using optimal structures with analytics, search console, and schema data.

Websites may rank in the search engines even without a previous SEO strategy put into place. We will identify where your website currently ranks for your top keywords and focus on improving your presence until you are on the first page for all relevant terms.

We will install user tracking and analytics across all major search and social platforms. The data provided by your users will be used to create new in-demand content and services and to optimize user experience while on your website. We utilize a tag manager to track visit, call, purchase, sign up, and other relevant metrics across all data tracking platforms.

Local results are among the fastest to achieve rankings for, and they are also among the highest converting. People like to buy from businesses that are acceptable to them. We can help analyze and optimize your local presence so you show up in your community.

Your social media profiles can help search engines understand not only what your website is about, but what kind of users enjoy interacting with your brand. Social media traffic sends highly engaged users that drive your website higher in the search results.

Continuity and availability across all platforms is an important trust factor. We can ensure that your messaging represents your brand on your website and all of your social profiles.