Is Your Website “Under Construction?”

I had a bit of a disturbing experience today. I happened to be cruising by a potential client’s website, and you know what I saw? I big, blue “Under Construction” sign. I laughed to myself; they really needed the help if this is what they were putting up, even temporarily.

Later on, I happened to stumble across a “competitor’s” website. I saw a half-finished design, with some stuff working and some stuff not working, with a big “under construction” pop-up. I could forgive a potential client making this mistake, but a competitor, too? And I knew I had to write a blog post.

This is the 21st Century. Every site can be under construction at any given time, so it’s redundant to mark your site as such. You don’t get to the top of Google by leaving your site to sit fallow constantly (which is why we like to offer the New Every Two website option), so what does an “under construction” sign mean?

It means the owner doesn’t know how to properly launch your website.

A bad website beats a non-functional one 100 times out of 100. Breaking a web site that is up and active is a lot like trying to fix your car while its running. Why do that when the magic of the internet allows you to create a second copy, find out what needs to be fixed, and then push the change live? To the person visiting your website, there was no period of construction, no period of half-functioning website.

Don’t accept half measures from cut-rate web developers. Give Get Found a call.

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