Are You Taking Advantage of All Social Media Links?

If you’re a new business wanting to get the word out on your website, a great way to get organic traffic is through a process called backlinking. A big part of that is convincing other websites to link to you, either through payment or reputation, but you can help yourself out significantly by creating your own backlinks. How? By linking to your site on your social media profiles.

Ok, you might be thinking, I can link on Facebook, I guess I can link on Twitter… there’s LinkedIn, too, but I don’t really use that the same way…

Stop thinking like a human and start thinking like a robot.

We’ve counted up 22 places to link your website using social media alone. 22!

If your social media professional missed any of these on our Permanent Social Media Links Checklistg, it sounds like it’s time to consult with your Eugene SEO professionals.

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