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  • Automated DMs with your unique call to action to every new follower
  • Daily likes on niche-specific highly-targeted posts and user accounts
  • Human-written comments on relevant, qualified posts
  • Custom content designed to increase brand awareness and engagement
  • Monthly reports with analytics, engagement stats, and recommendations for your future strategy
  • Strategic Hashtags designed to put your brand in the top spots for as many relevant terms as possible
  • Your time! Social media takes a lot of work - let us take care of it for you
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Instagram Lite

Our Starter Package
$175per month
  • 200 likes per day
  • 25 comments per day
  • Automated DMs with custom CTA
  • Month to Month Service (Cancel Anytime)
  • Up to 1,000 real monthly followers

Instagram Gold

Standard Growth Package
$275per month
  • 500 likes per day
  • 50 comments per day
  • Automated DMs with custom CTA
  • Month to Month Service (Cancel Anytime)
  • Up to 2,500 real monthly followers

Instagram Platinum

For Accelerated Growth
$450per month
  • 1,000 likes per day
  • 100 comments per day
  • Automated DMs with custom CTA
  • Month to Month Service (Cancel Anytime)
  • Up to 5,000 real monthly followers

How Our Instagram Growth Service Works

Discovery Session

The first thing we'll do is assess your business model to determine appropriate goals. We'll look at your businesses website and social profiles to familiarize ourselves with your current brand voice and strategies. We want to learn your story so we can present your business as accurately and attractively as possible on Instagram. Once we've determined your goals, we'll begin the next step.

Research & Strategy

Next we dive into research on your niche and competitors to determine optimal content, messaging, and average engagement rates. We'll use this information to create a monthly content calendar filled with breath-taking imagery and graphics, plus carefully crafted posts to inspire people to take action. Then we'll add strategic hashtags to maximize your visibility in the Instagram algorithm.

Targeted Growth

Most of our clients gain over 5,000 followers per month! Our goal is to grow your followers, increase your average engagement levels, and ultimately to increase sales and generate more revenue for your business. Every month we'll send you a report with your analytics and stats so we can evaluate our performance and help shape our future marketing strategies.

Frequently Asked Questions & Answers

We login to your account to interact with people in your target audience. We engage with users manually through commenting, and automatically through likes.

If you have chosen a content creation package we will also upload posts with hand-written comments and hashtags once per day up to 5 days per week. The content we will upload depends on your brand presence, what content you can provide for us, and what similar accounts in your industry are using to drive the highest levels of engagement.

If we see similar profiles to yours we may follow that profile. However, we do not utilize the standard follow/unfollow techniques that many Instagram services use.

Our service includes commenting on user profiles, liking comments and photos, sending out direct messages to new followers, and uploading curated content. We use a mixture of humans and automation within accordance to Instagram’s terms of service.

We use automation to reach out to new followers and to like user comments and photos. Our automation service finds and targets relevant accounts based on strategic hashtags and user engagement. We also use automation to send out the first direct message to new followers.

We do not follow up on conversations on behalf of your brand. It is up to you to engage your leads and close sales. Chatbots or automated conversations are explicitly against the terms of service and we do not do them, nor do we work with businesses who do.

We do post up to 100 comments per day on your behalf. These comments are hand-written by humans. We have found that human content engages users far better than automated generic comments.

We will not restrict orders based on niches that fall within Instagram’s usage guidelines.

We will reject your order if your account does not follow Instagram’s terms and conditions. We will not promote the use of illegal substances, suicide, violence, or pornography.

The number of followers you gain will vary based on a number of factors.

Higher levels of engagement have a tendency to attract more followers. Our average customer is on our Platinum plan and gains an average of 5,000 followers per month.

Followers will typically begin to trickle in on day one. The newer your account and the fewer followers you have the slower this trickle will be. Over time you will start to see more and more new followers at a time, usually daily.

We cannot guarantee an exact number of followers. This is because certain niches and industries grow faster than others and have larger audiences than others. The human user is a fickle creature that we hope to impress, but cannot control. Our goal is to grow your account with quality, engaged followers that actually interact with your content. It is up to the end user to determine whether or not they will follow your account.

If your niche will not resonate with Instagram we will let you know up front. We also work with other platforms, so this does not mean we can’t help your brand grow, only that Instagram may not be the right vehicle to make that happen.

There are no additional fees included without your prior consent. If you would like us to create content on your behalf we offer this service for an additional $300 per month.

You are accepting our default month-to-month contract when you sign up for the service and accept our terms and conditions. You are welcome to cancel your service at any time with 30 days notice.

We work on your account 5 days a week, so if work has already been performed we will finish out the month and then you are free to pursue other opportunities.

If you would like to save 3% on your monthly bill you are welcome to sign a 1 year contract, but it is not required and is completely up to you.

What our clients have to say:

Amazing incredible service and results. These guys know what they are doing. I am approached on a semi daily basis by people who want to ‘grow’ my insta. They claim they can speed up social growth with zero knowledge or experience on any strategy or training. Get Found and its team of highly trained individuals are not only capable, but have grown my insta from 200 to over 20k without some robot program. They have provided strong, real human, value added advice consistently, without attempting to strong arm me into another ‘deal’ or ‘upgrade’. They even add you to a strategy group so you can get the most out of learning the ‘craft’ of social with others like you. If you’re sick of those fly by night bot-telemarketing here-today-gone-tomorrow guys, and you want the real deal, you’ve arrived my friend.

As a long term Instagram user I have seen a number of changes to the platform that have led to it becoming significantly more challenging to create organic growth. As such I’ve tried various growth engineering services but the results delivered by Get Found far exceed them and I’ll be sticking with this service from here on in. I currently have two accounts with them – a well established account that’s gone from 5000 followers to over 11,000 in 3 months and a new account that’s gone from 67 followers to over 7000 in the same period

Took my Instagram page from 120 followers to over 5000 in just over a month. I now get DM’d at least 15-20 times every day from new followers asking about the page, and chatting with them is absolutely awesome. As far as I’m concerned you cannot rapidly build an Insta page without these guys! 10/10 hands down

Awesome people to work with and have helped grow one of my IG accounts… in Like 2-3 weeks over 3K followers!

Thank you! You guys seriously are the best! My friend Chelsea is using you guys too and we seem to have a similar following and her account has grown INSANE. So I’m really positive and excited. I’m really happy about this service. THANK YOU!!

I tried it myself for a little while then tried out Get Found and haven’t looked back!! Awesome company and platform! Highly recommend!!!

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