How We Saved A Eugene-Area Business Thousands a Month Using Custom PHP Code

GetFound was recently contracted to do some custom PHP coding for a local manufacturing company. The company is pretty large, with many employees and a large revenue stream. As businesses grow, they often find themselves with a large amount of data that they don’t know what to do with. That’s where GetFound came in.

Using a custom-built PHP application, we were able to put our database skills to the test. Instead of thousands of numbers a day not being utilized, we were able to sum up the entire day’s work in a few charts. Instead of tens of thousands of data points sitting unused in a database, they now had a human-readable digest of the day’s activities, refreshable on demand.

While this company was quite happy with the application, they were very unhappy with what the data showed: inefficiencies in the work load and in equipment usage at predictable times of day. Not only was their output being bottle-necked every single day, but they could identify the source quickly and easily. The result? Dozens of man hours a week saved, and a sizable increase on night shift output.

Not bad for a little custom web app.

If your business has useful data that you aren’t quite sure what to do with, consider letting GetFound provide you with a solution. You wouldn’t be the first client to save thousands from one simple application. Why not contact GetFound today?